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Wooden Churches in Lithuania
Raimondas Paknys, Dalia Vasiliūnienė
The aim of the authors of this publication was to create a book that would offer impressive, but also unexpected and unusual images of Lithuania’s most beautiful wooden churches. In bypassing a scholarly study of heritage, or the traditionally accepted representative recording of only the most valuable works, the hope is that readers of this book will feel as if they are travelling Lithuania’s villages and towns as passers-by, free of preconceived notions, and by chance opening the heavy doors of a modest church building, to unexpectedly discover the beauty that lies within. One’s eye will hopefully be drawn to the rough-hewn timbers flecked with light, the old benches lining the naves, luxurious altars with their singular varieties of form and colour hovering in the depths beyond the presbytery, the thickets of carved flora and wooden acanthi flickering a dull gold, naively worshipful faces of the saints, the frozen smiles of plump-cheeked angels, the beam of light on the worn wooden floors.
We trust that the images in this book will both please the eye, and allow the reader to behold the spirit of the past hovering inside each church, to hear the quiet of secluded places undisturbed by modern rhythms, to feel the eternal cycle of the liturgical year that has been quietly spinning for centuries.

Principal funding – Ministry of Culture, Department of Cultural Heritage.

Separate publications In Lithuanian and English.
Hard cover with jacket, 270×310 mm, 240 p.
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ISBN 978-9955-736-43-1 (Lithuanian)
ISBN 978-9955-736-42-4 (English)
Vilnius: Portrait of a City
Anthology of photographs and text
The book is comprised of photographs of Vilnius from the 19th–21st century, and written references to the city, the earliest of which is a letter by Gediminas dated 1323.
Vytautas Augustinas, Arūnas Baltėnas, Alfonsas Budvytis, Jan Bułhak, Tyburcy Chodżko, Józef Czechowicz, Roman Loranc, Alter Kacyzne and many others all photographed the same streets, churches, squares, districts and panoramas. Their works are grouped here according to subject and a certain aesthetic logic. Alongside them are essays on Vilnius (Tomas Venclova, Czeslaw Milosz); travelogues, beginning in the time of Adam Honor Kirkor; recollections (Lucy S. Dawidowicz, Alfred Doblin, Joseph Frank etc.); travel impressions (Keith Chesterton, Anna Dostoyevskaya etc.); letters (Žemaitė, George Forster etc.); excerpts, and verse, all dedicated to Vilnius.
The foreword includes text in the languages of the inhabitants of Vilnius – Lithuanian, Polish, Latin, Yiddish, Russian, and Byelorussian.

Compiled by Isaac Zibuts and Raimondas Paknys
Text chosen and edited by Audra Kairienė

Available in Lithuanian and in English
240 photographs
Hard cover, slipcase
Print 5×5, 250×320 mm, 360 p.
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ISBN 978-9955-736-31-8 (Lithuanian)
ISBN 978-9955-736-32-5 (English)
A Guide to Its Names and People
Tomas Venclova
Several years ago, Tomas Venclova wrote Vilnius. City Guide – a highly popular book, published in five languages. Vilnius: A Guide to Its Names and People, according to the author, is an extension, a second volume of this guide. A book about famous people who left their mark on the history of the city. The author has discovered little known information and lively details about many of them.
The book maintains an unbiased relationship, and offers non-stereotypical comments. Its nine chapters present biographies of 576 people whose lives involved Vilnius.

Soft cover, 349 p., 215x148 mm
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ISBN 9986-830-96-6 (Lithuanian) /sold out/
ISBN 978-9955-736-22-6 (English)
Images of Old Vilnius
Panoramas from the hills surrounding the Old Town, meandering little streets, courtyards, churches and manor-houses against a dynamic sky, ornate interiors, monuments, charming city alcoves – the most beautiful sights that Vilnius has to offer are compiled in this book. Here, Vilnius is tranquil, golden in the light of the rising or setting sun, crowned in a halo of clouds, washed by the rain or carpeted in snow, hushed in the brief moment of an apple tree in blossom, in the misty ambience of autumn. An out-of-the-ordinary city, captured in moments – as one would wish it to be seen, and to remain for those who follow after us.

Photographers: Arūnas Baltėnas, Raimondas Paknys, Dzianis Ramaniuk, Kęstutis Stoškus
Introduction author – Tomas Venclova
Artist – Isaac Zibuts

Lithuanian and English; colour photographs
Hard cover, with jacket and case. 112 p., 300×225 mm
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ISBN 9986-830-99-0 (Lithuanian/English)
History. Nature. Culture. Cities
An illustrated introduction to Lithuania, containing the most interesting and relevant written and visual information on the country.
The book includes a concise history with photographs of historical sites, monuments, and museum treasures.
An account of the effect of the landscape, and of social and cultural changes, on its development, is illustrated with images of nature and of scenes from rural life. There is an extensive chapter dedicated to the natural, ethnic, and historical treasures of the country’s national parks. A description of the uniqueness of the Lithuanian language refers to its more significant historical aspects, the use of personal nouns, origins of the country’s name, etc.
A brief chapter on religion presents Lithuania’s pagan tradition and rich Christian heritage.
Extensive accounts reveal the nation’s historical and developing culture, and images of museum treasures illustrate its surviving traditions.
A chapter on the development of Lithuania’s rich architectural heritage is generously illustrated with photographs of its architectural monuments. Separate chapters are dedicated to the country’s most important cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, and Palanga.
The book also includes general statistical information.

Text author: Audra Kairienė.
Translators: Vida Urbonavičius-Watkins, Markus Roduner, Caroline Paliulis.
Photographers: Arūnas Baltėnas, Stanislovas Kairys, Antanas Lukšėnas, Aleksandras Ostašenkovas, Raimondas Paknys, Kęstutis Stoškus, Gediminas Trečiokas, Virgilijus Usinavičius, Saulius Valius, Martynas Vidzbelis.
Artist: Isaac Zibuts.

Available in English, German, French
Hard cover, 112 p., 300×225 mm, 160 colour illustrations
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ISBN 978-9955-736-15-8 (English)
ISBN 978-9955-736-16-5 (German)
ISBN 978-9955-736-14-1 (French)
Souvenir album
Small souvenir album with beautiful images of the symbolic sites, landscapes, cities and people of Lithuania.

Available in English and in German; colour photographs.
Hard cover, 48 p., 175x195 mm.
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ISBN 978-9955-736-09-7 (english) /sold out/
ISBN 978-9955-736-08-0 (german)
Souvenir album
Small souvenir album of the most familiar Vilnius panoramas, streets, buildings and interiors.

Available in Polish, English, German; colour photographs.
Hard cover, 48 p., 175x195 mm.
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ISBN 978-9955-736-03-5 (English) /sold out/
ISBN 978-9955-736-04-2 (Polish) /sold out/
ISBN 978-9955-736-05-9 (German)
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