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Forest Dwellers of Dzūkija
Arūnas Baltėnas, Ona Drobelienė
Dzūkija is a unique ethnographic region of Lithuania located between the Middle Nemunas and Neris rivers. The Dzūkai, inhabitants of this region, are Lithuania's southerners, distinctive not only in their charming dialect, but also in their original customs, folk songs, and way of life.
The territory of the forest Dzūkai in the southernmost part of the country includes the villages of Kapiniškės, Kašėtos, Marcinkonys, Margionys, Musteika, Puvočiai, Zervynos, Žiūrai. It is here that the “action” of this book takes place: people engaged in their everyday work, resting, celebrating, performing their rituals, telling their stories. The reality captured in these photographs is quickly disappearing as these enlightened people follow one another into eternity. They merit our recognition, albeit in passing...

Hard cover, 224 p., 225×240 mm
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ISBN 978-9955-736-23-3 (Lithuanian/English)
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